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Sep 12, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. >> california's new sweeping pension reforms are now law z los angeles today, governor brown sign aid measure increasing co-pay for new state employee benefits, reducing retirement benefits, and raising age in which they can receive them. >> and we're going to get people working longer and cap the amount. you shouldn't be getting a pension making bigger salaries like managers do because the more money you make you're supposed to know how to invest it, yourself. and that bill passed capped pensions at $132,000 a year. and the reforms are expected to save as much as $55 billion over 30 years. >> there is apple unveiled an iphone with cool new features. david louie joins us live. have you seen and touched the new iphone 5. is your heart aflutter? >> it is aflutter. this is an amazing sensation to touch one. sheer what the new iphone 5 looks like. it's glass and aluminium. engineers trying to pack more tech knowledge nolg into a smaller package. the new iphone 5 is actually a bit taller about one and a third inch as louing to stack five rows of icons opposed to four. and there is another thing to
Sep 7, 2012 5:00pm PDT
research. >> final split of the space shuttle will be a long one through streets of south los angeles at the price of 400 trees. crews are cutting down trees along the route from los angeles international airport to the california science center. residents along the route say having stumps instead of trees will lower property values. the science center promises to plant two new trees for everyone chopped down. >> the space shuttle will pass through the bay area and you can mark the date on the calendar. september 20th, the shuttle will do a low level fly over in mountain view. going to go over san francisco and other cities sou want to stay tuned. >> and cal al is now relying on emergency funding to pay for the soaring cost of fighting this year's unusual number of fires. all reserve fire engines have been staffed and there are the funds that were a last minute increase to the state budget. in 24 hours cal fire crews responded to 23 fires around the state. and started by 200 different lightning strikes. >> that is remarkable. >> we're looking at low risk of fire danger for the day. an
Sep 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
miller taking in $228,000 a year. >> firefighters face a tough job battling a wildfire burning near los angeles. the williams fire started yesterday in the angeles national forest, burning about six square miles so far. only 5% contained. it did threaten homes and officials kept an order in place and there is about 25 acres in the naggal for yeast president obama is in louisiana right now, getting a look at the damage left behind by hurricane isaac. the president greeted by louisiana governor, then traveled to st. john the baptist parish, bun of the hardest-hit communities. the storm just a category one but left behind damage far out of proportion to its strength. >> my vehicle, my home, my motor bike. i lost everything. what i have with me now is actually what i own. >> and hundreds of thousands had no air conditioning for six days and just north of new orleans, an area expected to craft today which means hopes are still in danger of flooding tonight tonight. >> coming up sandhya patel her eye on another tropical storm. >> and as we take a look there is tropical storm john may factor i
Sep 18, 2012 5:00pm PDT
berkeley bisexual pride day would be observed next sunday, and that coyons yids with events in los angeles and boston. none of them formally recognizes bisexual pride. >> it's official, yahoo closed it's deal with alibaba giving back a large chunk of the stake in the company. alibaba buying back 20% of the stake in the company meaning a wind fall for yahoo to the tune of $7.6 billion. the ceo is thinking of using money to revive the company by by hiring new talent. yahoo going to keep another 20% stake. >> fda has released a diet drug to help obese people lose weight that is made by a company located in mountain view. and this sounds promising. >> yes. it's the second diet drug approved this year and so far showing good results. there is a this is another drug working to reduce ravings, patients lost an average of 10% of their body weight. this does need ton used in conjunction with an exercise program and healthy quiet. >> i have done diet asks exer sichls have have done weight watchers and never helped me. i went from a size 14 into a size six. made fee feel great its available through m
Sep 21, 2012 5:00pm PDT
questions to that pilot z the flight made it to los angeles and this mission was completed and so... that question will be likely asked during a debriefing of the pilot. but answer, they say is probably going to be a low priority. >> thank you. >> and there are thousand that's tried to get close to the golden gate bridge and there is a great view of the moment in history. >> space shuttle flying over the most famous bridge in the world. such a vision and sound. there is a big crowd that turned out. and there is down by the shore, sticking out of a sun roof. risking a parking ticket. looking up in wonder. >> came here this morning and watched the sun over the city. it was awesome. really great. >> i honestly i was a bit emotional and a little teared up a little bit. surprisingly. >> there are cameras, cheer asks tears as folks gazed at the hip that took america with her every time she went up, incluing today. >> still have tears running down my face. >> really? mean that's much to you some. >> yes. very always been a space nut. soit was very exciting. >> this is just when it went o
Sep 9, 2012 5:00pm PDT
their thunderstorms there. this right here tracking towards the west, towards the san fernando valley area, and los angeles getting ready to get hit with moderate rain. if you have late evening flights, there could be flight delays in those regions overnight tonight as the thunderstorms will continue to develop and push on from east to west. here's a look at some current readings. 81 in fairfield. antioch, 85. 54, san francisco. santa rosa, 83. 75, los gatos, 72, san jose. the highlights for at least the next five to seven days, cool overnight tonight, with some coastal clouds. get ready for sunshine, mild day for your monday, and then each day this week we start to warm up just a little bit until get into wednesday and thursday, two of the warmest days for the work week. santa rosa this morning at the airport, 39 degrees. it's going to be cool with the clear sky there, so 43 overnight tonight. san francisco, touch of fog. 53, and in the east bay, antioch, 58. we had a very weak area of low pressure push to the north of us, but it's a little cooling today, and replacing this low, we're going to get
Sep 19, 2012 5:00pm PDT
and on local streets. it will go on display in los angeles. >> what a spectacle. and bart kicked off the 40th anniversary celebration this afternoon. the party included memorabilia from early days when the trains ran back. 100,000 people road bart between oakland and fremont. and one long time employee describe what's people thought of the system started running. >> we looked at bart like disney, we didn't know what it was. we knew it's going to be a commuter system. >> 400,000 riders use the system on a regular basis. bart's 40th anniversary celebration include contests. and the system will give 40,000 free rides to local schools so students can ride on field trips. details on our site abc 7 there is more on bart's past and future coming up at 6:00. >> and as we go to break there is a reminder about a new afternoon line up starting at 1:00 with general hospital. >> and who wants to be a millionaire on at 2:00 followed by jeopardy, then, katie couric's new talk show followed by abc 7 news at 4:00. >>> coming up in half an hour arrest of a demonstrateor in a war protest. how her lega
Sep 20, 2012 5:00pm PDT
in los angeles before coming to the bay area. >> and coming up, the silicon valley women making up forbes most powerful women in the world z who has fallen from grace. >> there is eacher of the year finalists explain whaigt takes to be a contender. >> i'm sandhya patel. there is warmer weather coming up. >> and officials want to ask questions to yosemite workers in light of >> the burglar behind a string of commercial break ins has been caught but only on tape. surveillance video shows him breaking into bill's market on highway 116 and detectives say once inside sparks fly and he uses a tool to cut a box. interest there he s and this is described as a black male in 30s or 40s about six feet tall. the same man is at leas least -- suspected in two other burglaries in northern sonoma county. perhaps you recognize him. >> there are several retailers not doing enough to remove harmful amounts of lead and there is michael finney following this story after firing dangerous levels of led found in purses at retailers including forever 21, nordstrom and the center for environmental health say they'
Sep 24, 2012 5:00pm PDT
in a los angeles courtroom today a judge ordered a further review to see whether he violated terms of probation in the 2009 battery of his then girlfriend rihannan support rihanna wished brown good luck tweeting him before court began. lawyers say the singer served 1400 hours of court-ordered community service. >> and abc news obtained secret recordings made by john f kennedy and it's a rare chance to heart president as he grappled with decisions including nuclear war with russia. world news has a look at these recordings and an interview with caroline kennedy. you can watch it tonight and tomorrow right after this this newscast. >> looking forward to that. >> giants fever sweeping bay area, again. >> up next, how those without season tickets can still g >>> following breaking news we've just learned ples have caught their suspect, and they were searching for him, he was the reason why several schools were shut down but police say he's in custody. we'll have that coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 as well as a police lab worker going to court. tonight how her case changed the way drug
Sep 27, 2012 5:00pm PDT
been found dead. police believe the 28-year-old beat his 81-year-old land laid yeah to death in her los angeles home, then jumped a fence, and attacked a neighbor. police arrive they had found his body in a driveway and they think he might have fallen from a roof. inside they found the land lady's body as well as a dead cat. lewis is released from jail after serving time for an assault and burglary case. >> there is a movement calling on trader joes to stop selling meat raised with antibiotics. the union delivered half a million signatures to the chain as part of a meat perfect out drugs campaign. and crediting trader joes for offer something proteins free of medication. >> and there is an executive from google released from brazilian custody. he is in google's senior executive and was questioned by police after a judge ruled google had to take down a video critical of a local mayoral candidate reportedly violating brazilian election law. there is a rejection on responsibility for content posted on you tube. >> presidential candidates will have a thousand new voters to win over this nov
Sep 14, 2012 5:00pm PDT
in connection with the death. >> and right now, a wildfire erupted in los angeles in the hills above the sepulveda pass. blistering heat and windy conditions fanning flames and into bell air estates, officials say it's spreading through two acres of brush near the getty center. in who have closed as a prekaulgs. there are also approaching several large homes this, is right in the middle of the friday commute. traffic is more of a nightmare than usual. >> there is a couple dozen people gathered outside of the federal building. others drew chalk illus straigss at frank owowa plaza. this is just as aclu received 13 pages of surveillance. >> fbi has a long, sordid history of investigating political prot testors when there have been no suspicion of criminal wrong doing. we're qerned this may be occurring in present-daytimes. >> this shows the government was mainly concerned at demonstrations aimed at the port of oakland. >> and one group has come up with a solution. wayne freedman joins with us the story. >> there is a new twist on taking back our streets. there is where residents have be
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11